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RDBST Mod 40

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Our lightest, fastest RDB hull yet.

Havoc Racing 315x210

Official Model of Team Havoc Racing

The RDBST Mod 40 hull has been tested by a dozen different drivers in some of the most competitive races around. What we learn on the race circuit helps us come back and innovate across every hull we produce.

RDBST Performance Transom

Performance Transom Cut-Out

Our innovative transom design channels more water to the prop for increased efficiency, reduced drag, and increased performance. This feature is found exclusively on our RDB family of boats.

MSTC Rear Seating

MSTC Rear Seating Storage Compartments

The rear bench seats each have storage compartments underneath, giving you maximum storage and organization to keep the floorspace open. Each heavy-duty lid is just as durable as fixed benches for sitting and standing on the rear deck.

RDBST Mod 40 Details

The RDBST Mod 40 is the main model we run in regional boat racing competitions. Several design features allowed us to trim weight without sacrificing durability, including 80-gauge aluminum, “hat-channel” horizontal ribs, and perforated mesh floor. B-Scott and the Havoc team tested the Mod 40 extensively during the 2021 competition season and earned the high points honors in the 130 Class, and it’s already racking up wins in the 2022 race season. If you’re looking for a rig to run a 660 race or just rip it up at the sandbars, then the RDBST Mod 40 is the boat for you.

The RDBST Mod 40 is designed and built primarily for speed and is not recommended to be a primary hunting boat.

Standard Features Included

  • 5086 alloy
  • Aluminum transom & bow
  • Step transom
  • 14°, 80 gauge hull
  • 80 gauge interior parts
  • Performance transom cut-out
  • Havoc recessed switch panel
  • 800 gph bilge pump
  • MSTC rear bench seats with storage compartments
  • Low deck with top hatch
  • Rear deck lid
  • One (1) battery tray
  • Choice of camo paint
  • Navigation lights
  • 21″ transom
  • Havoc Hyde™ interior finish
  • Hat-Channel horizontal ribs
  • Perforated floor
  • Basic flotation

Paint Color Options

Available Models & Specs



Length (ft)


Bottom (in)


Beam (in)


Sides (in)


Transom (in)



3 / 450



Motor HP Rating


RDBST Mod40 overhead

Built-in Navigation Lights

Rear Deck Lid

T-Lock Gunnel Rail System

MSTC Rear Seating w/ Storage

Low Deck w/ Top Hatch

Lightweight Perforated Flooring

Recessed Switch Panel

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