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The Havoc Boats Story

HAVOC BOATS is an aluminum boat manufacturer in Fordyce, AR.  Havoc Boats was started by Tim Scott, a huge name in the aluminum boating industry.  Tim and his wife Ashley have worked together for over 20 years building, designing, and creating top notch aluminum boats.  They have put their hearts into this company, and it definitely shows!

Havoc boats has made a name for itself with unwavering CUSTOMER SERVICE, along with a quality product.  Tim Scott has always been known to take care of his customers – past, present & future.  The company is full of great, intelligent workers who take pride in their work, and the craftsmanship of the company speaks for itself.  It is really amazing seeing these boats come together from pieces of aluminum to a finished product.

Leading the industry in design and ingenuity, it is no wonder Havoc is on top in the Arkansas timber duck hunting boat industry.  The demanded strength without losing performance from the Arkansas duck hunters is responsible for the Havoc duck boat today.  The design has been thoroughly tested year after year by arguably some of the best green timber duck hunters in the world.  The performance and durability coming from the Havoc boat has really changed the game.

Tim Scott and Brandon Scott Havoc Boats

Havoc has come up with an aluminum I-Beam rib design that has taken away the flex at top speeds and maximized strength and durability.  The I-Beam ribs have proven to save weight and offer the bottom of the boat all of the structure it needs to get you to that favorite hunting or fishing spot, year after year.  The I-Beam ribs, inverted sidewalls, capped off with the heavy duty T-lock gunnel rail, make Havoc boats the toughest, best performing, longest lasting aluminum duck hunting and fishing boat on the market today!

Havoc Boats believes in our employees, our customers, and our dealer network!  We are investing in you!  This allows our dealers to sell our product with confidence and allows you to buy with confidence.  Follow us on social media.  Come to the next event close to you.  Get to know a dealer and follow them on social media as well.  Watch our videos. The more you get to know Havoc Boats, I think you will find out we are a lot alike.

We look forward to seeing you in a Havoc boat one day, and we would like thank our present, past, and future customers.  Without each and everyone of your business and input, we would not be what we are today. THANK YOU!

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